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How to use Facetime On Android

Video calling is nothing new when it comes to smartphone, but FaceTime is an application available to only Apple users. FaceTime remains a popular app for user of iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs and comes standard with each device. Users only need a Wifi connection and they can access the features of FaceTime and call other Apple users anywhere in the world and share video calls. The only restriction on this service is that you can not call anyone that does not have FaceTime as well. If you've made the switch from Apple to the Android platform, or you have always had an android device you may want a similar service, and there are alternatives available.


1) Skype: One of the most recognised and popular video calling applications available across pretty much all platforms. Skype provides a very similar service to FaceTime in terms of video calling, and has additional features such as instant messaging and the ability to voice call regular numbers.

2) Google Hangouts: Google has its own video calling application that is a worthy alternative to FaceTime. This service is accessible to Windows, Android and Mac users and has the additional benefit of being able to run with a relatively slow bandwidth allocation, unlike Skype or Facetime, which can cut you off if the connection is poor

3)Viber: Viber is another useful alternative for those unable to use FaceTime. The account is completely free to set up but is limited in as much as you can only make calls to people that use Viber and the user base is not the size of Skype or Facetime.

4)Tango: Tango is another viable option for those without the facility to use FaceTime. Tango is free and incorporates features such as video calling, voice calling and texting. Similar to the other apps listed, it is free and only requires a WiFi connection. A neat little extra available with Tango is that it allows you to play games with other users while also chatting simultaneously.

5) OoVoo: OoVoo is slightly different to the other alternatives offered above in that its used only to connect with Facebook friends. This is a slight limitation but it still offers video calling, voice calling, texting and even video conferencing with up to two friends. Definitely worthy of consideration.

6. Seen: Another possible alternative for those without FaceTime and another one that works on Facebook friends. You’ll be able to make HD audio or video calls to people with a 3G or WiFi connection. A Facebook account is a pre-requisite of course but with many people on Eacebook it is a very useful app.

7) Fring: The last one on the list is Fring, combining all your social network friends into one app. As with the others, features include free calls, texting, group and video call.
FaceTime is certainly a very useful app, however as shown above there are many viable alternatives if you aren’t using Apple. These alternatives all have their merits and can be a very passable substitute for FaceTime, giving you the option of video calling.

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